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Zipper Pulls

Here's an item to make your life easier! 
Have you ever tried to get a hold of the zipper end on your sleeve or pocket with nothing attached to it?
You feel like you're on a search and seizure mission.
Add one of our zipper pulls, and it's a cakewalk.

Any Zipper Pull
$4.00 ea.
(and we pay the shipping)

Wizard's Head
38 Special Pistol


John 3:16

Wizard with Cyrstal
Maltese Cross

Praying Hands
Leather thru Skull
Martial Arts
Dream Catcher

Spark Plug
Motor Man
Tits Up
Conan Axe
Cross 2
Lady in the Moon
Cross with Thorns

Celtic Knot
Hand Cuffs
Peace Sign

Pot Leaf
Guardian Angel on Bike

Wolf head with feather
Eagle head with feather
Flying Dick
Z44 Turtle

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